Figure of Christ – St. Paul’s Cathedral

When the head sculptor at EJ & AT Bradford was taken ill, Gino was drafted in to make a start on carving the eight foot statue of Christ, to be stood on the High Altar of St. Paul’s Cathedral, following the damage caused during the infamous Blitz.

Figure of Christ - St Paul's Cathedral | Gino Masero

Two months passed and Gino had carved the entire sculpture, excluding the raised arm which is carved as a separate piece, to not hinder work on the main body of the form. Copying the design from a plaster sculpture that had previously been approved, Gino took the liberty to adjust the original face as he felt it unsuitable, giving a very personal touch to the finished piece.

Many gifted European immigrant craftsmen were used during the restoration work on the cathedral and other churches in London, dedicating months and in some cases years to painstaking manual work, renovating the bomb damaged monuments to their former glory.

Most of these talented crafts people remain unnamed and unrecognised for their unenviable tasks of endurance and incredible artwork. This was a constant in Gino and many other carver’s experiences.

The Masero family would like to thank the archivists at St. Paul’s Cathedral for updating their records to reflect Gino’s involvement in the restoration works.

Gino was also commissioned to work on the stone carving in the ceiling of St. Paul’s that were also damaged during the bombing.

Gino Masero - restoration stone work St Paul's

Here is a video courtesy of British Pathé showing some of the damage caused to the cathedral during the second world war.

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