Gino Masero

Gino Masero – Wood Carver

1915 – 1995

Gino Masero

Read about Gino Masero and view some images of his wood carvings, with information and photographs from the archives of the Masero family.

Gino Masero - Fretwork

This website is curated by some of Gino’s direct descendants, by way of documenting the work of this master wood carver and to ensure a continued recognition of his input into the art of wood carving.

Gino Masero - Swags

The majority of photographs used are from Gino’s own archive of work and also from research carried out by the Masero family.

Gino Masero - Master Woodcarver

We are always interested to hear from people who’s lives Gino touched. Students, collectors of his work, other wood carvers or indeed anyone who remembers this doyen of British Wood Carving.

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