Eagle Lectern – Progress Study

Here are some fascinating components of Gino’s work archive, two incredible carvings depicting an Eagle. With accompanying text providing a rare insight into the design and construction process.

The first is this carving in Oak to be used as a lectern.

Gino Masero - Eagle Lectern

Here you will see images of the main body and separate wings of the Eagle, this time carved from Jelutong as a console table, later to be gilded.

Gino’s own text to accompany these pictures is below:

“As an eagle console is usually gilded, cuts are left deep, and well defined. The feathers too, are undercut deeply where they are free. The reason for that is that successive coats of gesso (primer) tend to soften the surfaces.”

“The eagle’s wings are laminated to emphasise the different levels of the feathers. Note too that both wings have a slightly differing shape, to allow for the turn of the bird’s head and neck.”

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