Christopher Simpson – Door Knockers

Contact through the website from Robert Bailey a retired Viola de Gamba Maker, has revealed another interesting work by Gino. A carved pattern for casting Bronze and Brass door knockers.

Christopher Simpson Door Knocker Pattern by Gino Masero

This attractively naive carving in Lime wood, shows a slightly unusual style for Gino’s wood carvings. Although less detailed than most of his work, this intriguing character holds all the usual motion and movement.

This carving depicts Christopher Simpson a 17th century composer for the viol. The wood carving itself is a 3D reproduction from an illustration of Mr Simpson as requested by Robert.

The brass and bronze cast door knockers are ensconced worldwide with several appearing on doors in Norwich.

Gino Masero - Christopher Simpson – Door Knockers

Thank you to Robert for reaching out, providing these photos and helping us to grow this record of Gino’s work further.

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